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Project Overview

The purpose of RCAC project is to showcase level the of knowledge; uptake; access to; and quality of family planning services available to married adolescents living in Gyigyi and Sharuwana rural communities in Niger state, Nigeria through strategic community advocacy and data capturing activities by January, 2017.

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Some specific activities of RCAC project include:

  • Video interviews featuring married adolescents, men in the communities, traditional and religious leaders and community health extension workers.
  • Development of a website ( in addition to social media platforms (facebook and twitter) to disseminate findings and engage the global community on the local efforts.
  • Based on the findings of the interviews, implement trainings and town hall meetings on improved contraceptive use.
  • Engage some policy makers and political leaders that are close to the grassroots.
  • Engage local media especially the local radio station.
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